Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Brief: Communication is a virus- How does it spread?

Comments that were recieved on the final piece for 'Communication is a Virus'...

"The final design looks really professional and well crafted. Nice idea, but could have used harder phrases."
"Looks really good and like how the cards fit inside the packaging along with more information!! =) Really like the colours too!"
"Good interaction with mailshot."
"I think its a simple idea that works really well. Easy to carry around, fun and lots of information... Will people read all the text, is there a way of breaking it up?"
"Lovely colour choices and I really like the way the booklet folds out, nicely sized too."
"Good resolution. nice use of colour. Well crafted."
"Good colours and interactive final."
"Yeah I like it, the idea of the individual cards is appealing."
"Really nice idea, nice final product."
"Nice packaging, clearly alot of thought has gone into this."
"I like this alot. Such a great idea and done with class and simplicity. maybe font inside needs to be a bit bigger. the cards are very effective, they contain the right interpretation and don't loose impact. Nice design aswell."
"Wow to the packaging! =)"
"When you guys first told me about your idea I thought it would be difficult to pull off effectively although you've done a great job. Works as a nice unified package. Check the Polish words spellings though!"
"Really exciting and innovative packaging."
"Nice use of watercolour in development, well crafted package, not sure on the font for the front cover. Think of other nationalities that struggle to interpret basic text. Other than that, great work."
"Well thought out idea, nice packaging and use of colour. Easy to read and understand."
"Cool stuff!"

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