Monday, 1 March 2010

Brief: InDesign Workshop

The Brief:

Using a subject matter of a fellow classmate (Sophie Herring) you are required to produce a visually considered double page spread based upon them using information gained from the interview and their blogs.


Explore type,layout,image and colour. How does each component react with each other.

Target Audience:

Our given classmate - Sophie Herring, and the rest of our group.

Tone of Voice:

Lighthearted, playful.


Base on interview responses and blog work, 'Hand Job' book, 'This is England' film, Eduardo Recife, Collage work, Pen work and fine liner,Photography - Fish Eye, 1980's era, This is England film, fashion of the time, handmade and handcrafted, baking, cakes, Sox- silver tabby cat,South Shields, by the sea, beaches, Carbis Bay, 8/10 cats, Sean Lock, Stand up videos.

Mandatory Requirements:

A3 Stock (237x380) 2cm bleed, Landscape.


One double page spread.

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