Thursday, 10 February 2011

Music Talk

Attended a really interesting and helpful talk today by a guy from Music design agency in Manchester. I thought i'd write up the notes...

- Graphic design will never rise above it's content.
- Content & Form = Communication.
- Be interested, not interesting.
- Designers are split into two categories: Bunch A & Bunch B.
- Bunch A (Swiss Design, everything looks good, perfectly kerned)
- Bunch B (More message driven, humour, 'soul')
- Design is a joke! Introduce humour and emotion.
- There's no such thing as a bad brief.
- The solution is always in the brief.
- Redact a brief down - Select key words.
- Don't be precious with ideas, try other things.
- Challenge people.
- If something has no meaning - get rid of it!
- Find faults not friends.
- Share your ideas and eat with your eyes.
- Look & ask! Look at what is going on around you.
- Never be a professional!
- Every job requires a different response.
- Be prepared to take things on board.
- Doubt is better than certainty.
- If it's certain - it's boring.
- If it's scary/exciting - it's likely not to have been done before.
- Be honest.
- Van Gogh describing his painting - It's a bridge, river and people etc.
- It's emotional, it's about people.
- Value freedom, not genius.
- If you have to describe the image - it's not working.
- Talk to people like they are human beings!
- Don't talk about graphic design!

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