Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Design By Day

We enjoy making things look nice for our clients so they can get the right message to the right people… printed things, webby things, animated things, logo and branding type things.
We avoid using confusing language and don't hide behind buzzwords, we just design things that look great and work.
We've made lots of people happy, from record labels to health organisations, charities to recruitment companies. If you want, we can make you happy too!
We are a friendly and approachable design team, and we think you'll enjoy working with us!

Design By Day
Studio 304
Islington Mill
James Street

0161 832 4471

- A good looking all round design studio based in Salford. I like the fact they keep things plain and simple both in terms of how they present themselves and the language they use.
- They work with all different areas within graphic design but may be a little to web and moving image based for me. However I have enjoyed the more technical aspects at Uni once I have got into them so it may not be as off putting as I currently think.
- The website does have a nice feel to it but I can't see as much print based work as I have on other design agency websites and that is the area I'm most interested in.

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