Friday, 20 November 2009

No News Is Good News: Message and Delivery

Above is the final resolution for the 'No News Is Good News' mail shot.

When considering and constructing the mail shot I looked back to see what had proved successful in my three impact posters. Key elements such as the colourscheme, typeface, stock and layout had combined well and I intended to carry these forward into the design of the envelope and its contents.

The only extra restriction added to the brief was the dimensions that the envelope had to conform to. (11.5cm x 16cm)

Upon designing the mailshot I felt that it needed to be interesting to open whilst retaining its pleasing visual simplicity. I then came up with the idea of using perforated edges on the envelope which I thought would make the recipient more intrigued to open it but more importantly i felt it was a good way of including a subtle message about wasteage. The action of tearing paper and throwing it away links directly to the subject of the mail and posters which is all about human consumption.
Once opened the mail would be lined with the pac man designs used in my posters and hold inside some informative postcards with various statements and accompanying visual imagery. In terms of the mailing list, the piece was to be sent to companies that deal with large volumes of food such as the major UK supermarkets as well as our own forest protection agencies and environmental charities.
The overall design was kept consistent with that of the posters whilst adding extra little details to develop the piece further.
Im really pleased in particular with the envelope as the deign is clean and contemporary whilst being intriguing to open. If I was to develop the piece further I would have liked to have been a little more creative with the contents by maybe including a fold out poster for example.

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