Saturday, 14 November 2009

No News Is Good News: Message and Delivery.

The next part of the brief was to translate what we have produced for the impact posters into an authentic mailshot that should be designed to either inform, persuade, instruct or promote. We had to produce ten identical pieces of mail that were to be accompanied with an appropriate mailing list.

Initial Feedback to Ideas for Mailshot.

Issues raised:

Keep to image based deigns, not too much text.
Good idea to use perforated edges of the envelope to link to wasteage of trees.
Where will the address be postitioned?
Does the chosen stock work with the perforated edges or when it is folded?
What can inner postcards be used for?
Are the same colours being used as on the posters?

Actions to be taken:

Test stock to see reaction when perforated and folded.
Look into layout of everything to be included on the envelope.
Decide on staements and accompanying images for postcards.
Keep colours and pacman images consistent with the posters.

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