Friday, 22 October 2010

Wrap It Up - Final Resolutions and Feedback

Below are the finished resolutions from the 'Wrap It Up' brief. I used photographs as the main imagery as this is what initially drew me to my subject matter of the Maya Civilisation and subsequently lost cities. I didn't want to apply the text to the packaging in a generic way, I wanted it to be relevant to the subject and I came up with the idea of creating a passport stamp style design that communicated my word of 'discovery' effectively and sympathetically.

Printed on watercolour paper through inkjet printer.
Two colours used : Dark blue and red.
Duotone image.

Formative feedback :

Best use of type & image - 16 votes
Best use of packaging nets - 3 votes
Best print considerations - 11 votes

Comments :

- Love the visual style, use of colours and stock is effective.
- Interesting use of stock and image.
- Nets relate to the message and concept appropriately.
- The colours and style work well.
- Good colour consideration and choice of stock works well with the colour and imagery.
- The use of colour and stock work really well together, carefully crafted.
- Revealing image through the packaging > discovery, surprise.
- Nice stock and colour use.
- Good stock choice and textured effect on stamp design. Duotone works well on the imagery.
- Really like the style of the duotone image.
- Stock works well with the image style and colour, nice!
- Replicable for mass production, great stock, use of colour, love it!
- Really like the substrate and images. The work well as a range.

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