Sunday, 17 January 2010

Brief: Collection 100 Rationale

Product & Promotion/ Product & Packaging/ Product & Distribution:

I have chosen to follow the product and distribution route as I feel this is most appropriate for what kind of product I plan to create; 'a contemporary travellers card'.

Who is the audience and how do you intend to engage with them?

I intend to mainly target the gap year travellers - whatever the age, as I feel that the design and practicality of this card would suit this audience.

What is the function of the product - is it supposed to inform/instruct/educate/document/entertain?

My product's function is to inform and instruct. It could be a useful little item for gap year travellers that could instruct them to go to certain interesting places and then inform them on what to do when there for example. A traveller could travel to a destination then pick up another card which tells them where to go next.

How will the audience interact with the product?

It could be a small credit card size product - a contemporary travellers card. Each one could feature a specific place as recommended to me through my 100 opinions. The card could hold information such as things to do and see/ places to stay and eat/ small map/ useful numbers and websites/ the opinion of the person who originally suggested it.

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